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Italian Luxury Style and Design

Sicilian by birth, but Milanese by adoption, after an experience in the family business, I dedicated myself to the organization of weddings and events with great attention to planning and design. Who am I? Planner and Creative Director, passionate about my work. In my creations there are my ideas and my projects, but behind me there is a strong close-knit team that allows us to give memorable experiences.



Mariagrazia Rizzotti


Martina Gazziola

Elegance, taste, refinement and continuous research

We build, imagine, plan every single detail with the customers, so that the wedding day can be the perfect realization of that dream. Events, tailor made, tailor-made according to the needs and taste of the customer, because the best start is the empathy, esteem and trust that is created between you and me. Unmistakable passion for flowers and fragrances that always give a special touch to all events, with a surprising effect.

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    Elegance, taste, refinement and continuous research of details are essential elements of every event signed by Maria Grazia Rizzotti.

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